So you’re interested in Influence? Sweet.

Influence is the best way to get clear feedback on your designs.

Present Your Design Work and Collect Organized Feedback

Influence makes is easy to present your designs to your clients or team and view their feedback in a concise report.

Easily Create a Design Presentation

Get started right away by importing your existing images directly into Influence!


Upload PDF's, PowerPoints or JPGs to quickly assemble your presentation.




Drag and drop images directly into your browser. Instantly start putting your presentation materials together without having to wait for the uploads.

Customize Your Presentation and Feedback

Control how your design work is presented and choose the type of feedback you want.

Thumbs Up / Down

Get a simple thumbs up/thumbs down on your design.

Overall Comments

Give your users the flexibility to deliver overall feedback on your presentation.

Design Notes

Highlight a specific element of your design to explain its benefit and sell your work.

Design Questions

Ask users structured questions about specific elements on your design work.

Present to Anyone, Anywhere

All your audience needs is a connection to the internet. No need to download any software.

Specify Your Audience

Choose exactly who views your presentation. Present to as many or as few people as you like.

Control the Flow

In Presenter Mode, you can guide the presentation remotely, giving you total control over the flow of the presentation.


Present on Any Device

Choose to have your presentations viewable on any desktop, tablet, or phone. Welcome your users with a custom introduction and your company logo.

View Detailed Reports of Your Feedback

Influence allows you to view detailed reports of the feedback you get on your designs.


Where is my feedback? Influence's comprehensive reports store your feedback in a central location.

Who has viewed it? Check to see if team members or clients have viewed your work.

What's in a report? Collect views, thumbs up, annotations, and comments all in one place.

How do I make informed decisions? Easily filter through the different feedback to drive the design process forward.

How can I incorporate feedback? Upload new design iterations based on user comments.

Export Your Slides

Download your original file so you always have access to your ideas.

Iterate on your ideas by switching out slides of your presentation and get more feedback.